7 comments on “Video Do-Over

  1. I’m not sure about my favourite but the worst video makeover of all time has to be Robyn’s “Handle Me”. The Swedish original was brimming with wit and good humour (love the whole riding a bike through the ghetto in an evening dress), while the UK version was as boring as it was pretentious. Robyn in a box with an ugly haircut. Riveting.

  2. ooo now i’m stumped – though i remember wishing that there was a video of Electric Youth that focused more on the dance routine when i was a teen. God, no wonder books and JAson Donovan posters were my best friends…

  3. I had no idea how many videos were out there for “Relax”. Now that you mention it thought, yeah, I do remember seeing these. Funny how they tried to “butch up” Holly there. Didn’t quite work out did it?

  4. Great post– however, I have to let you know that the third video you’ve posted for Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax” is not the actual video for the song, but a clip from De Palma’s BODY DOUBLE. De Palma actually directed a separate video for the song that uses the same premise (set), but includes more shots of the band singing the song and looking through a telescope, etc. It also includes a hilarious parody of FLASHDANCE. Check it out here:

  5. Mike, it’s probably one of the few missteps Robyn has made (besides not releasing new material for so long).

    Paul, didn’t we all?

    Yuri, I think they got a different kind of butch out of it.

    Geoff, thanks so much for the correction. I’ve updated the post.

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