7 comments on “KC at the Bat

  1. nice picture of the cookie monster. i think that if in a parallel universe i were famous, my secret fear would be to be asked to pitch a ball at some baseball game. i throw like a barbie doll ie not well at all :/

  2. They are beaming the American Idol auditions to Australia and I have to say I’m completely underwhelmed thus far. What a waste of a satellite!!

  3. I absolutely agree with your remarks on Elliot and “A Song For You.” If anyone attempts that song, it has to be perfect to get a smile out of me and Elliot blew me away into pieces after that! Love him!

    Thanks for the link! I’m adding you to my list right now! You’re from Syracuse? I’m from Utica! Small world!

  4. I’m staying away from the auditions for now, but I’m loving reading your thoughts on them. I may even start watching just so I can agree/disagree.

  5. I think we are both in agreement that Danny’s a strong contender. I like Elliott too, and his new teeth and hair help rake in more cheddah than McPee or Taylor.

  6. coffee, no more than usual, I suspect.

    Paul, I thought Barbie was a catcher.

    Mike, you and me both.

    Mel, yep! I even bleed Orange during basketball season.

    PG, wait til Hollywood week.

    Yuri, great minds, once again.

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