7 comments on “Let the Competition Begin

  1. Chris Richardson has no talent and is slow. Poor thing parties his life into oblivion. Wish he’d actually do some work.

  2. I don’t really get into american idol until it’s the sing offs/live shows and last year i couldn’t really be bothered at all. Still, i might give it a whirl this year. I do like Chris Richardson…i’ve heard a few songs of his which i like a lot!

  3. Ahh, Chris Rich. I was quick to blow him off as a Justin Timberlake wannabe until I heard him sing that Jason Mraz tune and it was better than the original. I hope he releases an album sometime this century!

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  5. The tattoo girl did a great job on Barracuda, but she’s a bit out there on the freak-o-meter. So she got all them tats just to keep from getting an office job? There’s a girl with a plan for ya…

    You didnt have no comments about the bikini girl controversy?

  6. Love Chris Rich, and I’m still anxious for that CD. I listen to Guilty everyday. Get over to YouTube and sample the clips, especially, Dead and Gone. Short, but amazing!

  7. Dale, thanks for the comment. You can pick up your Chris Rich fan club button at the door.

    Paul, the auditions have been painful, as usual. Don’t if you don’t have to. Wait for Hollywood week, which will actually be in Hollywood this year.

    Mel, exactly!

    Yuri, Emily got a DUI last year, and there’s a rumor she may not make it through. And Bikini Girl wasn’t worth mentioning. I can get you a poster if you’d like, though.

    Den, Guilty is a great song from what I’ve heard. Definitely looking forward to the full-length as well.

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