7 comments on “Idol Thoughts

  1. I’m kind of with you on the Kelly Clarkson song. Usually I am not one to rag on a fun pop song, but this one just doesn’t connect with me AT ALL. Perhaps I’m closer to yelling out “stay off my lawn!” than I thought.

  2. Kelly’s song has really grown on me… give it time!!! I have listened to Melinda’s CD, and my overall consensus is that a very talented singer wasn’t given the opportunity to really let go and perform. Some songs shine, but most are just filler, which is a shame, because I adore her and her amazing voice.

  3. I was pleasantly surprised by Mindy Do’s new CD. Love the cover! I agree, no pop radio in her future, though.

    My fascination with Kelly Clarkson stems from me being an “inaugural” fan of the show. Without that connection, I can see folks hating on the song. Me, I loves it.

  4. Melinda’s debut CD is not fodder for Pop radio – it’s for grown folks who have lived lives and know the value of a groove with some grit! Seal has returned to the roots of Classic Soul music in his latest release and Sharon Jones has been keeping those fires burning for years; so Melinda is in great company. Move over, disposable Pop, ’cause the W-O-M-A-N is Coming back To You!

    Get the lastest from Melinda’s official web site – http://www.melindadoolittle.com Sign up for her newsletter and get a free MP3 of her debut CD title track, Coming Back To You! 😉

  5. Sigh. When will Chris ever get the tiny modicum of respect he deserves? Not the greatest american idol contestant ever, but certainly better than some with record deals *cough taylor hicks cough*.

  6. DanC, no judgments here, but you did leave your walker at Country Buffet this morning. They’d like you to claim it before the Sunday buffet rush.

    Duane, the video helped, but I’m still not at “earth shattering” yet.

    Yuri, you’re talking to someone that’s been with the show since day 1, so I resemble that remark.

    GriotLori, you realize you wandered into the Den of Disposable Pop, right? We are giving Melinda props. It’s going to be okay. Step away from the hatchet, mm’kay?

    Paul, thank you. I could have sworn I saw Taylor Hicks making my sugar-free latte this morning at Starbucks!

  7. rockymtranger, yeah, but i thought i wiped my feet when i left (apparently not). Wandering elsewhere…

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