8 comments on “I’ll Never Say Enough

  1. well that is a GREAT photo of James, he looks so relaxed and not at all look he has a genuine pop classic on his hands in the top three in the uk at all. What a sweetie. I really need to revisit Adele. I got a bit bored of all those singers lumped in the amy winehouse category and she got overlooked. criminally. however, everyone keeps telling me she is so much more than that and so worthy of my time, so I have been slowly but surely falling in love with her.

  2. What a great review! I know Olga would LOVE to see her live, and I wouldn’t mind either.

    The whole “chasing ass” internet rumour is a bummer and was probably one of the reasons why radio didn’t play it more. Nevertheless, it’s a superific song.

  3. I’m on a singles-only familiarity level with Adel, but suddenly I find myself interested in seeing her live. The James Morrison opening act helps, too.

  4. Ok, you have officially fanned the flames of my excitement for this show. I cannot freaking wait. I mean, you KNOW how much I love Adele!

  5. Paul, he really was a goof at the souvenir table. Great banter during the show, too.

    Yuri, they’re playing in Atlanta. You should drive Olga up, and meet up with Duane!

    PG, wonderful show, especially since she only had the one CD to work off of.

    Duane, I thought of you the whole time I wrote up this review. Enjoy!

  6. I am dying of jealousy now after having “discovered” the greatness that is James Morrison. *weep*

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