6 comments on “A Tale of Two Record Stores

  1. 🙂 Glad to see you out and about on Record Store Day. New York was buzzing in a very good way — but Saturday was much better for us weather wise — almost 80 degrees and balmy! Incredible!

    You got a pretty good haul! I was being decidedly frugal with my cash, as I’m attempting to find an apartment in the Big Apple and apparently they aren’t free, plus I want to save what little money I still have so I can go see “West Side Story” before I become a west side vagrant. But I did enjoy just spending the day with a few friends, visiting various stores and seeing what they had to offer.

    Glad to see you picked up KoL — I’ve had such a musical crush on them for what feels like ever, but “Closer” continues to claw at me no matter what I do. Love that song.

  2. That Mary Chapin Carpenter CD is great – released right before she REALLY hit the big time with “Down At The Twist & Shout.” The song “Quittin’ Time” is especially poignant for me.

    Would you believe we have no record stores in Ames except for big box retailers?

  3. Like Dan, we have no independent record stores aside from the overpriced “FYE” which I have not shopped at in years. Sure, there’s the Wallie Worlds, Targettos, and Best Buys (I’ve detailed my woes with each of them). Glad you helped out the mom & pop record stores. But the Kings of Leon???

  4. be proud of your KOL love 🙂 I rushed out and bought a hazel dean greatest hits and a hazel dean abbas cover cd! I’m classy like that 😛 Reddington Rare Records in birmingham is skeezy but cool 🙂

  5. Wait, that’s the Mary Chapin Carpenter album with “Quittin’ Time” on it (I grew up with her greatest hits, so I have no idea which songs belong to which albums)? GREAT song…though saying that feels like I’m not doing justice to it–it’s just such a superficial, easy-to-toss-out statement, in a way.

  6. Mel, I did pretty well. For some reason, I felt like I had to buy something, but of course there was more that I would have loved, but couldn’t justify.

    Dan, that was my introduction to MCC. “This Shirt” touches me every time. And yes, sadly, I can believe that.

    Yuri, you bring up a good point. The Best Buys and Wal-Marts have driven the prices down, but the record companies haven’t reduced the cost of the product. Record stores like FYE, who only deal in this product, can’t affortd to bring their prices down because that’s all they have, and they have to operate on a certain profit margin to stay in business. So who’s the bad guy here? A store like FYE that keeps their prices up to stay in business, the record company who keeps the cost of the product high, or the stores that sell CDs for almost no profit to get folks in the store to look at refrigerators and clothes?

    Paul, some of the best record shops are the skeezy ones. And I have never actually seen that word in print before!

    PG, it is a pretty brilliant record from start to finish, but MCC is one artist who could sing polka songs that I would want to listen to. Her voice is that intoxicating.

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