6 comments on “Dolla Dolla Twenty-Nine, Y’all!

  1. ah yes, the days of the $.49 single. Think they will try and hire Bob next? Seems like they’re taking plays from his book. LOL

  2. iTunes is the devil. I refuse to purchase music from there even if i have to wait longer or miss out on special editions 😦

  3. Thanks for the analysis. I hadn’t noticed the price increase had taken effect. While the manipulation you suggest does seem possible, I think Apple is being pretty conservative. After all, they now offer 2 price points for a track. It’s not like some are $5 and some are $.50–like singles used to be when we had to buy them in the store.

  4. Nice analysis, and yep, “dropping” a single’s price to 0.99 or 0.49, then yep, folks are gonna be all over that like stink on a dog.

  5. Interesting analysis John, but wouldn’t there naturally be a sales decline from Tuesday to Wednesday regardless since there would be more traffic on Tuesday anyway due to it being “New Release Tuesdays”?

  6. Dan, anyone who is taking plays from the Trans World playbook these days should have their heads examined!

    Paul, I actually don’t hold the same view. The they’re asking a price that they think the market will bear. The only way the music business is going to say in business is if they can turn a profit, so if people will pay $1.29, so be it. This isn’t like fuel or food…people have a choice.

    ww_adh, it seems hit or miss. “The Climb”, which is currently at #2, is at $0.99, so I wonder if some of this isn’t driven by the record companies.

    Yuri, agreed. All you have to do is look at Amazon’s top downloads to see that their daily special is usually at the top of the list.

    Will-W., agreed with the Tues – Wed decline, but the charting singles should stay pretty much in-line. The demand for a single doesn’t normally spike or decline 20 positions within one day, unless there’s a specific event that triggers it (like the whole Susan Boyle deal with “I Dreamed A Dream”).

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