12 comments on “London Roundup

  1. These upcoming posts inspired by your trip can’t come soon enough! I’m very pleased by the news that the Star Pilots song is everywhere and that you were won over by “Number One.” I think I’d have to take an extra suitcase to have room for all the CDs I’d have come back with, but even more than that, those cases where you hear songs on the radio that you’d never get to hear in the U.S. might be the best part.

    • My suitcase was so heavy on the way back that they had to tag it in order to warn the bag handlers. I did a little damage between CDs and Doctor Who items.

  2. Number 1 was a grower for me, but I have to admit its awesomeness. Glad you had a great time and that you got to meet up with Paul. So you went to the Netherlands too? Wow, quite a trip you had there sir.

  3. Welcome home! Sounds like you had a nice time. How fun to get to meet Paul in person. I sympathize with just missing new releases–Sugababes Catfights and Spotlights was due out the day after I returned to the US in October. I bought Change at the Heathrow HMV just before catching my flight to try to compensate.

    • Let’s put it this way…chatting with Paul was just as entertaining and informative as his blog is.

  4. Damn, you’re looking fine there!

    I was equally music obsessed in Europe last year. I ended up buying new luggage to bring home all my trashy CDs!

    Glad you enjoyed yourself and it’s good to have you back online.

    • Okay…maybe I didn’t buy THAT many items. Everything fit in what I have. And thanks for the compliment! I give full credit to the shirt.

    • Some DVDs, some CDs. Favorite pickup was the first Mister Hudson CD. Note to self…HMV is cheaper at the airport, due to no taxes.

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