6 comments on “Give Me the Chance To Get It Right

  1. re: blog title ~ no. you’ve had your chance. i’ll take you as you are 🙂

    Re: MR Hudson. Amazing. Had you spent your week outside of London (gasp – England exists 😛 ) (just yanking your chain – like in the bathroom at starbucks 😛 😛 :P) you could have seen Paolo Nutters with me and a few local gigs you would have liked. Next time 🙂

    • You are a naughty, naughty man. I mean, if I had been there one week later, I could have seen Mr Hudson AND Girls Aloud! What’s a boy to do?

    • Uhhhh, I’m sure it’s somewhere in the mail. It’s all about you, isn’t it?

  2. The first Mr Hudson album is very good and is a remnant of the early days of my love affair with Paul Zappin’ Fizzy. Back when it was like me, him and Chartrigger! Anyway, play Upon The Heath and think of London…

    And I see Paul tried to grope you in a Starbucks just like he did me…

    PS Did a post on Picture Of You awhile back, but I am too lazy to find the link!

    • I remember your “Picture” post. That was my first taste of Mr Hudson’s music, and that’s why you get the credit. As for Fizzy, he tried to grope, and THEN made me pay! Imagine the nerve.

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