8 comments on “There’s Another David?

  1. blimey – you’ve been busy blogger of late 😛 So much good stuff. Poor David C was mercilessly cribbed from this week when an x factor contestant stole his version (wellChris Cornells) of Billie Jean, and pretended it was his arrangement til he was outed! Brilliant! PS loving your excellent choice of cds. Will young and keane are amazing. i have the demo version of keane’s album. Have you heard?

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  3. Paul, I watched Austin’s version, and while I agree on the cribbage (and Simon should be ashamed), I thought it was a decent performance. And no, I haven’t heard the acoustic version. Care to point me in the right direction?

    S@r@h, thanks for the comment. Yeah…and apparently I was ahead of the curve on the Obama rumor, because it’s been all over the blogosphere today. Maybe I started it. Hmmm…

    Yuri, you and me both! This is a HUGE opportunity. Let’s hope the viewers remember the CD when it comes out two weeks later.

  4. No judgement here, Shan. As long as you don’t give me a hard time for fixating on David Cook’s lips, mm’kay?

  5. American Idol 7 was the season where I don’t care whoever wins between the two David’s or should I say, I had a hard time choosing whom will I give my vote, and this is the first time this happen to me. This two deserves to be where they are right now. Let’s continue supporting them.

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