10 comments on “My Musical Valentine

  1. ah i love valentines. I am off to see the movie about it on the very day it is named after.

    I do not particularly like the music of Brad. I do particularly like looking at him though 🙂

  2. I love Valentine’s Day. Although I never need it as an excuse to make an impromptu iTunes playlist of sap.

    I’d gladly have accepted a Transformer Valentine from you!! woo!!

  3. ahh valentine’s ..its all about love, (and commercialism lol)

    favourite lines in 2 of my favourite songs ever:

    So the words you could not say
    I’ll sing them for you
    And the love we would have made
    I’ll make it for two
    For every single memory
    Has become a part of me

    You will always be…my love

    and then there is :
    So now I walk in the midday sun
    I never thought that my savior would come
    I think it’s amazing
    I think it’s amazing

    I think you’re amazing

    You know ’em right?

    And finally sure enter me to win A LOVE CD :):):)

  4. I’m not the world’s biggest country fan but I have to admit you really turn me on to a lot of things I wouldn’t have bothered with otherwise (like Lady Antebellum — so glad I did!!). That Brad Paisley song (especially the line you quoted) is so painfully beautiful…

    V-Day is rough when you’re solo, but at least we have each other lean on! My friend loves to say Valentine’s is only a big deal when you’re with somebody, otherwise it’s just another day of the week — and it’s true. But it’s a good excuse to tell your friends how much you care! 🙂 So Happy Valentine’s, John! 😉

  5. You and your twang, John! I do have to say, like Mel, Lady Antebellum is growing on me. They wouldn’t have got the time of day had it not been for you pimping them out. lol

  6. I was hoping this Now Love collection would be a little more catalog like instead of the currents. Between the 3 majors…since WB is not apart of these…I felt it could have been a lot better….

  7. I think I’m gonna come up with an anti Valentines Day playlist – as a one fingered salute to the sad f**kers polluting my love life!

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