4 comments on “Idols In Trouble

  1. I cannot believe you spoiled this for me! Don’t you know that not everyone lives in your TIMEZONE! LOL

    Totally agree about Tat. I didn’t see the angst with Danny though, but his performance on Wed was a bit less stellar (if it even was to start with) than Tuesday. I don’t agree that warts were shown. He might have to watch how he reacts going forward, but to me, he was just being real.

    And yay, we got to see the meltdown we were expecting on Tuesday from Miss Del Toro! I hope we’ve seen the last of her!

  2. I’ll be honest; I don’t remember the formula of picking the top 12 being this way before… Then again, I only started watching Idol near the end of year 2. I think it is quite odd to just pick 3 out of 12 possibles; especially when they randomly put them together, and there were definitely more than 3 that deserved to go forward.

    Weird, really. That being said, I want to be in a Sarver/Gokey sandwich! Stat! I LOVE Danny Gokey. LOVE.

  3. sigh. honestly, i am dreading a new season of the x factor here. god knows what drudge and sob stories will be dragged onto stage this year 😦

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