11 comments on “All In The Family

  1. Now that quotation was a perfect way to open this post…this very well-written, thought-provoking but reasonable (not deliberately inflammatory) post. I wish more of the conversations I’ve heard recently, whether they agreed or disagreed with your points, were using the tone you used here–it’s been tough to say ANYTHING.

    • Thanks for the compliment. That has been my biggest struggle with this situation, because so many people have felt so passionate about what happened. First off, it’s kind of ridiculous that it has blown up as much as it has. But more importantly, folks are taking up sides like it’s a presidential election. How did we get to this point?

  2. Well written, but I totally disagree. Beyonce is a strong woman, who is married to an even stronger guy, and thus has no need for anyone to “defend” her. It was not a “wrong” that Taylor Swift inflicted upon anyone. If anyone/thing is to blame, blame MTV. But they won’t care, as this year’s VMA telecast was the most memorable in about a decade, so they are loving all this controversy.

    • Yuri, do you disagree with the whole post, or just that Kanye felt like it was his obligation to defend Beyonce’s video? I never said Taylor inflicted anything upon anyone, and I agree that MTV is partially to blame here for allowing this to happen in the first place.

  3. I disagree with the idea that we need to feel sorry for KW. No, you did not say that about Taylor because I know you thought what he did was skank.

  4. I found this column to be very illuminating–the point that Kanye West (and others) don’t really get that what they did goes beyond being insulting to the other person in the limelight. It signals a broader breakdown of civil society where “me me me” has replaced “us us us” (or “me vs. you” instead of “we”).


    • I will have to check out the article, but I have no argument with your assessment whatsoever. Maybe it is a cultural aberration, but I don’t feel that courtesy and civility during an event as important as a address to Congress (and, to a lesser extent, the VMAs) is an unreasonable request.

  5. Well, I for one, agree with Kanye. Single Ladies is perhaps the most memorable video of the decade and I am an out & proud Taylor Swift fan. It’s just the way he did it – like taking an ice cream away from a child – that was disturbing. Why not say his peace after her acceptance speech. After all it’s the VMAs, not the Grammies. I doubt Beyonce even gave a shit. Anyway, great post.

    • Trust me…right up until the moment that Kanye jumped on the stage, my reaction was “seriously?” I like the Taylor song, but the video is a Nickelodeon short, not a classic music video.

  6. Excellent, excellent, provocative post. This is probably one of the best analysis I’ve read on this admittedly overblown incident. While I thought what West did was very rude and idiotic, I’ve been shocked by accusations of racism and blatant homophobic tactics such as a “Kanye is a racist f**” Facebook group invite that I’ve received. Luckily I didn’t know that particular FB “friend” very well anymore, so it was no problem for me to promptly delete him from my list. It’s sickening how low people will go in order to jump on a bandwagon that is a stretch to even build.

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