6 comments on “Like It’s the End of the World

  1. But sometimes quality singer songwriters hit the mark and finally get their deserved due (Jason Mraz) or plod along for years with enough of a fan base to justify their continued output (Indigo Girls)… so who knows?

  2. I thought this was supposed to be an ADELE review! Sheesh! Srsly, I’m glad you had a good time at this one.

    And no, you are not competitive in the least. Who told you that? 😛

  3. I loved this song on the first listen, but it was the video that completely sent me over the edge. I am definitely a big fan of Matt’s, and I am glad you are now too!

  4. Paul, great examples. And any post that brings up Indigo Girls is a good one.

    Dan C, I thought it was cute as well. The romantic in me seems to lean toward the more “grown up” songs, though.

    Yuri, why you gotta hate?

    Duane, you are a visionary, as usual.

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