8 comments on “We Never Forget the First Time

  1. Madonna says it best – music makes the people come together. I love these kinds of posts – keep them up. As I have said before to many people, anyone can write a review of an album or talk about the merits of this or that song. But it isn’t until it is personal that it is *really* interesting.

  2. John, this is a really beautiful post.

    I love the way that music can capture a memory – be it good or bad. I still can’t hear Nelly Furtado’s “I’m Like A Bird” without thinking about a certain someone and breaking into a cold sweat.

    However, I only have happy memories attached to “Unbreak My Heart” – mostly because a drag queen friend of mine used to perform it, complete with a giant dildo and strap-on for props! I’m guessing Toni would be proud.

  3. Mike chose exactly the right word for this post: “beautiful.” Yes, please, when the moment feels right or when you feel inspired, keep these posts coming! There is something so incredibly…vivid about music, something that allows it to capture slivers of life better than maybe any other medium.

  4. Great post! Music’s ability to evoke the good and the bad memories is like a time machine (as you mentioned), drawing you back to the experience, almost out of the blue when you hear it. It’s especially magical when you hear those special songs you’ve shared with others or that surround a memorable experience.

    In your post, it sorta worked in the opposite direction. I wish we could shut off the ‘music memory making place’ in our brain or be able to delete the connection to those unpleasant events, but I guess that’s now how it works, is it?

  5. Great post John–very vivid. There are certain songs I strongly associate with people from my past, and whenever I hear them it really takes me back. A song I avoided for a long time was “Damn I Wish I was Your Lover,” as it reminded me of a bad date. Thankfully, that was long enough ago that I can enjoy it again now. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Music really is bittersweet,

    I love the way you noted that even the remixes evoke memories for us, maybe even more so because they remind us of specific moments,
    Toni’s remixes were amazing, I adored that mix, there is also a great mix of Hit The Freeway, do u remember that one,
    I love your posts,


    • Hit the Freeway didn’t really have a huge impact for me, but I do like it. The Frankie Knuckles remix of “I Don’t Want To” is another amazing remix. And thanks so much for the compliment.

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