7 comments on “This Song Is “Priceless”

  1. YAY! A post on some soul music! I really expected Melanie’s CD to have been a bigger hit!! It really is shame, as you say, that more people did not catch on to her music!!!

    • Joe, you bring up a good point. There hasn’t been a lot of new soul music lately that’s moved me like this album. The only other one that jumps out right now is the John Legend CD, and that’s a cover album. Hopefully things will turn around in 2011.

  2. John, I hope things do to turn around in 2011 for soul music because I’m a sucker for soul music and you’re right in that there hasn’t been anything noteworthy.

    Speaking of Cee-Lo have you checked out Fantasia’s latest effort “Back To Me”? Cee-Lo is on it and although there is nothing on her album that hasn’t been heard or seen before, I thought it was a solid effort from her.

    I am also anxious to see how Conya Doss does with her latest effort. I keep pulling for her to make a splash sometime.

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