2 comments on “Posting Away

  1. John, well done and congratulations, that was a great interview with Wilson Phillips, loved it all, i liked how u let all 3 of them speak for themselves, something u don’t always see in an interview, the interview was all about them which is what a good interview should be, will read the other posts now too, my friend Rosie here in Dublin loves the indigo girls, her fave group,

    so happy for u to be writing on about.com, u are a real inspiration,

    it’s pop bloggers serendipity that i posted Daniel the other day oblivious to ur interview,


    • You get to interview real artists… for real…that is so cool. Good for you! Your Wilson Phillips interview is great (and reminds me that I need to finish my November 1990 post, I’m afraid I’m behind on that again).

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