16 comments on “Like That Highway Headin’ Out of Town

  1. I love the Western Avenue song and have been listening to “Pontoon” all summer, but the “Kissed You (Good Night)” is not my cup of tea. Perhaps Lady Antebellum would call it reductive? 😉

    In all seriousness, glad to have someone in the blogosphere who can introduce me to new country music as this is not the type of music most of the people I read listen to!

  2. I’m a huge fan of Little Big Town, I really think they have the most accomplished vocal chops of all the country ‘vocal’ groups out there. I’m surprised (as they may be as well) about the success of “Pontoon”, even more so since country radio really didn’t want to play this until it sold a boatload of singles. I’m happy the such an off-beat record (with its Eastern influences) can connect with a country audience (though the usual party theme couldn’t have hurt them).

    As for Gloriana, KMGN grew on me as well (I guess broke me down), and feel they’re more cohesive without ex-member/teen actress Cheyenne in the mix.

    I’m also a supporter of our Country friends to the north, and this is the first I heard of WA, and I’m impressed.

    I would add Edens Edge to the list. And you know, When Lady A came on the scene, I coulda swore I said they were a knockoff of another group, but forget who. I know it’ll come to me eventually.

    Cheers, E

    • I can’t agree more with you on Cheyenne being out of the group. It always felt a bit contrived to me with her there. I’d love to know you thought Lady A was modeled on. And I almost included Edens Edge, but I’m not crazy about the current single.

      • I’m still wrackting my brain. At first I thought Rascal Flatts, but then said “No, that’s SHeDaisy.” I know one thing, when they came out I said their name was just a thesaurus crib of the Dixie Chicks.

  3. I may be on my own on this but I was a bit sad when Cheyenne departed Gloriana, but the highlight was always the two boys vocal blend with a female counterpoint so they do make more sense as a trio. I like them when they are a touch more upbeat but “Good Night” is a pretty good one. And considering I don’t listen to much country (beyond the pop-crossover variety), I guess that says something. Plus, as you said, the boys are from Upstate NY…in particular MY hometown. 😉

    • I get where you are coming from with Cheyenne, but I felt like her persona and ambition kind of overshadowed the rest of the group. They seem to have landed on their feet nicely, so no harm, no foul.

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