4 comments on “PopMusicNotes’ Top Pop Singles of 2012: 20-1

  1. So 16 of your 50 are in my top-100. Not bad….Of course since I based my “list” on my weekly chart I post, it was hard to fudge, and I missed a lot of my faves by just going by the numbers…hence the forthcoming “nuggets” chart. I agree the BLBL album is gorgeous, and possibly when Jessie Ware’s album makes it to the states I’ll jump on board (I’ve been hesitant to shell out since I know it’s being released here). THough I did that same thing with Emeli Sande (I’d substitute “Clown” for NTM). And I’m in the Wanted camp as well…

    Good job! that’s a great playlist that I stole to play tonight while making dinner

    Cheers, Ern

    • So glad you liked it. I love the charts that you do (and ww_adh used to), but I’ve never been fully motivated to do that. You have my respect for that.

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