7 comments on “I Can Do What She Can’t Do

  1. I don’t understand why her label stopped promoting Discipline. I know they cite disappointing sales but look at Mariah’s latest. It’s also been disappointing sales wise but they’re still releasing singles. I’m That Chick is now the 4th single in a short period of time since the album’s original release as singles 2 & 3 failed to ignite further interest in her release.

    I think what it comes down to is that Janet really needs a new record label not willing to give up on her so soon.

  2. I think that Janet, unfortunately, is on a downward slope. All 4 U was a MASSIVE record, full of hits… she hasn’t had one like it since. I hope she can pull and upswing with the next one; if she is allowed one.

  3. Joe, I’ve got no idea. You would think that their first shot at a new artist would happen with guns blazing. Her boyfriend was in charge over there, wasn’t he? It makes no sense.

    D’luv, or raise Corgis.

    Duane, I couldn’t agree more, but I think she got a little too self-indulgent, which lead to that slide. She’ll put out another record, but whether it’s on a major or not remains to be seen.

  4. I bet she gets another shot. She IS Janet Jackson after all!

    I do put it down to the music too, though. I think Janet has not consistently given people what they want from her. I also think she has ignored valid criticism of her music. She should listen and learn! I firmly believe if Janet upped the artistry and did a song that was catchy but about something relevant to our lives (with a compelling video to match), everyone would sit up again.

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  6. Agreed, XO. I was just talking with a friend about this tonight, and we both thought she should come up with something more aligned with “Velvet Rope”. Still pop, but with a bit more substance behind it. Besides, if Mimi can “recover”, so can Janet.

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