6 comments on “Random Notes – 10/09/08

  1. You’re right. even though i rarely buy cds anymore, i do like flicking through the racks at hmv. perhaps i should buy them more just so i can continue to do that?

  2. I know that I am in the minority amongst most people I know, but ever since Amazon opened a store that sells DRM free songs, I don’t know that I’ll ever buy another physical CD again. OK, that’s not quite true because I always go out and buy Madonna’s CD releases, even though I usually end up buying them on iTunes or Amazon MP3 or whatever as well.

    I do miss the days of browsing through CDs, but for me, the rise of the single has been the silver lining in the rapid decline and demise of record stores.

  3. I dunno…I like CDs too. They are great backups when your hard-drive crashes. True, they are not what they used to be back in the day when artists put time and effort into the liner notes and cared about what the CD package looked like. But I’m still going to buy them…at Wallie World or Target, I guess. I think it’s very sad that so many record shops have gone under the past few years. And, like Dan, I’m going to buy every Madonna CD that comes out, even when I download them too.

  4. Paul, I’m thinking you won’t be buying those Banana Republic outfits anymore if you bought enough CDs to keep them in production.

    Dan, your comment is a double-edged sword with me, since it was import singles that really drove me deep into pop music back in the 80s. But you’re right…gone are the days of buying crap-filled discs for just one or two songs.

    Yuri, Wal-Mart? Seriously? I know a poor Russian boy without a visa has little to no cash, but there’s gotta be a Best Buy or something there. Sadly, all of us buying the new releases for $10 have the blood of those mom and pop stores on our hands. But how many of us can afford to pay an extra $5 for something just on principle?

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