3 comments on “This One’s For the Cougars

  1. Yikes, my ears are ringing just reading this! I don’t know how you survived, my friend. Too bad you missed the Gaga. Perhaps next time. Crazy that she was allowed only the 3 songs, but to have 2 opening acts is a bit odd these days for an established artist, right?

  2. I sincerely hope they performed “Twisted” after you left, or else they don’t realize how great that song is. And “Full Service” would’ve been nice, but at least they did “Dirty Dancing” (which I know is ridiculously cheesy but I still love).

    I can’t believe the show was on time enough/the traffic was bad enough/Lady GaGa’s set was short enough that you missed all of it!

    I adore your concert reviews/reports. The noise and not knowing most of their past hits would’ve probably taken away from my enjoyment if I was there, but reading about it afterwards is great.

  3. Yuri, it wouldn’t surprise me if she said “don’t pay me for the song, just let me open for you”. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    PG, I haven’t heard of them doing “Twisted”, but you never know. Wouldn’t it be cool if New Edition had risen out of the stage to do “Full Service” though? And thanks…turns out there are a few more concerts in the next few months that I hadn’t anticipated.

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