6 comments on “That’s My Jam

  1. Tailgating on your warming up comment, I think “Did You See Me Coming” is the perfect spring/summer jam. It’s got a feel-good beat and an infectious chorus. Probably my fave song at the moment.

  2. ditto on a brilliant spring/summer possible single for the pet shop boys tune. amazing. Jesse (like shayne ward actually) is ridiculously underrated so i’m hoping that his rereleased album will garner him so more attention!

  3. Neko Case is everywhere in Australia at the moment. I don’t get her myself but I can tell the music is quality.

    Didn’t pick you for a Jessie. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

  4. A coworker was telling me about Neko Case this morning and now I’m interested. I hear the Chris Cornell album is no good.

  5. I love Neko very much. Have loved her stuff from the beginning and every album is better than the last. I didn’t know if she could top Fox Confessor, but she has.

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