8 comments on “A Little Timeout Might Do You Good

  1. it’s ok. everyone knows the best song about being Paranoid was released by Garbage (G’Barge as i liked to call them) in the 90s 🙂

  2. Isn’t it too late for a video? The song’s already been and gone at radio. Pity too, for it should have been a hit.

    • Well, it hasn’t been released officially in other territories, so maybe it stands a chance. Having Mr Hudson attached may help it in the UK, as his profile is starting to rise again.

  3. The song does nothing for me but I love B&W photography, so the video looks classy. I personally wish Rihanna would just take a break. She hasn’t been away from the game for 5 seconds since her debut and I think she’s reaching saturation point – particularly after Chris Brown and her nudie pics leaking. Take a holiday!

    • Mike, you are a pop music visionary. Girl needs to go away, but sometimes, when your fame is tied to your visibility rather than pure talent, going away is the hardest thing to do. They DO forget about you, you know…

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