7 comments on “You Took Something Perfect

  1. Hey John, “Love & War” is technically Daniel’s debut but he actually recorded an album in Australia in 2006 before he packed his bags and moved to the UK.

    All the singles from it flopped in Australia, so the album was scratched but most of it has leaked since. I don’t know why I bothered saying all that, I guess it just slightly annoys me that he pretends the early part of his career never existed. Personally, I think his first few singles were great.

    Ok. Rant over!!!

    • Can I just say that this little rant is why I find myself unreasonably attracted to you?

  2. I can totally see how “Stop Me” could work in that way–even without having some sort of personal situation for it to resonate with at the time of its release, I found it moving. His voice is something special and, like you, though it elevates middling/OK material, I hope he gets matched up with more “worthy” songs like “Red” in the future.

    So in short: great news!

  3. Thanks for the mention! I’m working on a review of Love and War to post this weekend. While I love “Red,” I agree with you that overall the CD is pretty good but not wonderful.

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