6 comments on “Video Notables – Saturdays

  1. I love this video without any doubt. But I think it’s a little bit too PCD-ish for me. Yeah. it’s a low budget video but effective for the single. I just wish it had more Saturdays’ signature features right?

    • A friend of mine said that it looks like they got it up to a four-figure budget on eye-liner alone. It is very PCD-ish, and not as fun as “Up”.

  2. “Work” is definitely the best song on their hugely overrated album but that video blows. Why do all girl groups insist on looking like $10 hookers these days? It’s enough to make me miss Atomic Kitten. Well, not quite.

    • And now I’m going to have AK’s god-awful version of “The Tide Is High” stuck in my head. Thanks for that!

    • I’m with you 100%. A lot of folks are losing their minds over this video, but it left me cold. They look great, but it’s all kind of pointless to me.

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