5 comments on “Random Notes – 08-06-09

  1. viva Elouise! She is just so lovely – youtube Fireman of my dreams. It’s very lovely indeed…

    And yes so sad about John Hughes. Sixteen Candles is one of my all time favourite movies.

    And Mariah – haven’t people learnt from her lifeless X Factor performance last year? It was painful in the extreme…

  2. I’m really shocked and saddened by John’s death. Ferris Bueller and Breakfast Club have been favourites of mine since childhood. To this day I can’t hear Simple Minds without thinking of Breakfast Club.

  3. I love that you love Chris Rich, BTW. I wish that kid would hurry up with his music. For serious.

    When I heard about John Hughes, I was stunned too. We are losing a lot of amazing people this year. I hope there’s a reason for it…

    I didn’t even watch all of Mariah. I started watching it on accident then walked into the other room because her voice grated on my eardrums. I just don’t get it — it’s like she gets married and her tunes suck. So not right.

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