8 comments on “I Sue From a Land Down Under

  1. Wow how random! I have to say, I’ve always loved Men At Work even though I kind of discovered their music 20 years after it was successful. My all time favourite is “Overkill” – so extremely, completely AMAZING!

  2. I hope they invested in RRSPs because I don’t even want to know what the backpayments will be like if they lose! :p

    • It would be a crazy high number, although I think there’s still some gray area that needs to be clarified first.

  3. Another ridiculous lawsuit, compounded by a judge who knows very little about music. H**l, there ARE only seven notes to work with here – I think by now its next to impossible to write something 100% original! More to the point, my take would be that this was what’s known as a “quote” – where another song is deliberately referenced just enough to create an effect – and not plagurism by a long stretch!

    • The lawsuit seems very opportunistic, so I am glad that they are fighting it. I do agree that it will be harder and harder to come up with something 100% unique as more and more songs are written.

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