16 comments on “When Idols Fall To Earth


    I’m guessing Miss Ciccone never really “took” with you back in the day, which is cool. I pretty much fell out after Erotica, but there were other considerations going on at the time. When all that shit “cleared up”, my mania came back in force in time for Music and American Life, which I thought was a disappointment at the time. It’s aged very well, though. Confessions is my second fave too, but Like a Prayer is my all-time fave.

    • Prayer comes in at #3 for me. “Til Death” is one of the coolest songs that she’s ever recorded.

  2. I certainly feel she is a legend, but I kind of feel like, other than for her superfans, she has lost her relevancy in terms of the mainstream top 40. I love love loved “Give It To Me” and it’s remixes, to be sure, but most of her new stuff just sounds like her old stuff, remixed. Plus, I feel like her truly great stuff was her early stuff, and we already have a greatest hits for that.

    Plus, the Andy Warhol thing is such a Marilyn rip off…hmm.

    • Well, in her defense, the Marilyn thing was a big part of her career. If there’s one spot she can get away with using it, it’s a Greatest Hits collection.

  3. I gave up on that old slut way back in 1990. I couldn’t care less about her upcoming GH. I have the early albums and I really don’t need to hear the sad shit that’s been tarnishing her legacy ever since.

  4. I totally agree with you and what you said about the whole lifelong fan thing, I think she has some very just ok songs over the years. We know much more about stars than we did back in the 80s, even if she blows her nose its on a website,
    I think that she is madonna, popstar, public figure, mother etc and v much businesswoman and that she has always had a tough side and that people are v aware of that,
    she still makes me happy because of the huge amount of music over the years,

    I really liked Paul’s post, Madonna should count her lucky stars to have her fans, (like all my fave bloggers),

    I completely think that as bloggers we don’t all have to agree with what others feel about an artist,

    great post,


    • Thanks, David. It’s just interesting to me when people that you seem so aligned with normally have a radically different take on a particular song or artist. Sometimes you can’t help but feel left out of the excitement.

  5. Totally agree. I just don’t feel the spark anymore. It amuses me that Madonna fans are so excited about the same stuff being served on a different plate, with a couple new garnishes.

    • Well, it is a Greatest Hits. Or does she have to innovate every time to be seen as credible?

  6. I guess I’m a diehard, because I’m really excited about this. I’m listening to “Ray of Light” at the moment actually. Madonna was my first pop music love back in 1987 (Who’s That Girl was the second pop music tape I ever owned). And she’s remained my greatest ever since.

  7. Will! I thought you were excited about the new song too?! I guess like with Whitney, I liked Madonna so much that I do have a sense of loyalty and I do enjoy much of her recent output, particularly Confessions. I think Celebration is a lot of fun and I’m excited for the next stage of her career.

    As we discussed the other day, Take A Bow is my fave Madonna song of all time, i love it. Erotica crept up the list to be one of my fave albums over the years, though Prayer still wins that hands down 🙂

  8. Aw, it’s nice to read some nice things about Madge, even if they are from her first decade as an artist. You know I’m crazy about her and could totally pee myself when I listen to “Celebration,” but I know you and I will never see eye-to-eye on Madonna, but I love you anyway! 🙂

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