12 comments on “On the Bus

  1. My favorite Branigan songs are the less-well known SAW produced “Shattered Glass” and the completely unknown “Reverse Psychology.” Seriously, look the last one up. It plays like the end credits to an 80s movie.

    • Wow…you’re not kidding. It really sounds like an 80s movie theme. Is that a compliment?

  2. I totally used to tape songs off the radio too. Haha! Ahh, the days before illegal downloading…I love how music can do that to you — take you right back to a specific place or time. I’m the same way with certain songs. Although, for whatever reason, they are usually boy band or En Vogue related. Meh. Such was my childhood (err….and now, too).

    • Yeah…I have the same visceral reaction to songs even today. For example, I actually have a clear moment with “Love Struck”. I can’t get into details, but let’s say it involved a fast-moving car. 😉

  3. ah taping songs from the radio. I remember sitting patiently at home waiting to tape Wilson Phillip’s You Won’t See My Cry on the weekly US top 40 countdown (back then that was the illegal downloading and the only way to get tracks not yet released in UK!!) and i got the first ten seconds before a power cut!! I had such a tantrum. Thanks for making me remember the shame :/

    • I used to do the same thing with Rock Over London. To make matters worse, the station that played it would air the show at 11PM on a Sunday night. It was tough, but I would force myself to stay awake and hear the new aHa or Five Star that wasn’t getting any play in the US.

  4. Oh fabulous! Laura! That’s what I get for not checking in for a day or two – miss the legendary Ms Branigan (RIP) gracing Pop Music Notes! “Self Control” and “Shattered Glass” are both amazing but “Gloria” will forever be my jam!

    • “Gloria” and “Mickey” will always be linked in my head, which unfortunately gives “Gloria” a bad rep.

  5. John, once again you have named some of my favourite songs, I love them all, they are all fantastic, you post what you love and that makes me do the same,


    • The inspiration works both ways, David. Your current series has been great to read so far.

  6. I love these retrospectives. You have named some fabulous Sheila E tracks. Her cassette was on repeat most of that summer for me. Great stuff!

    • Her self-titled album is a favorite of mine, and “Hold Me” is on my all-time favorites list.

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