8 comments on “Baby, Feel the Beat Inside

  1. I love it! I’d heard about this, but hadn’t seen it yet. Thank you so much for posting it. People take their weddings so seriously–and judging from the Ask Amy columns use the day to abuse the goodwill of their friends and family like no other. It’s refreshing to see people just let their hair down and have fun with their wedding. That’s what it should be.

    • Absolutely agree. No matter what you think of the song and the artist, this is a celebration, and good on them for making it uniquely theirs.

  2. ditto what ADH said. Well put good sir 🙂

    This post raises another question about what happens when you actually don’t like a popstar as a person (from what you know) which to me is a big deal but a conversation for another time :/

    • That one’s been brewing in my head for a bit, Paul. I think it’s time to flesh it out. (and with you, the flesh is always intended)

  3. How fabulous! As a rule I despise weddings (gay weddings are even worse so gender/sexuality doesn’t come into it) but that looks like fun. Good luck to them.

  4. This sucker has over 8 million hits already! Even though I totally hate him for what he did, the song is still so fabulous.

    And yes, according to someone very “radio and records” the track is not being actively promoted so it would not qualify for the Hot 100. We know how I feel about that…

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