9 comments on “Random Notes – 01-14-10

  1. Re Kesha, I think the idea now is to make as much money off these “kids” as possible versus creating careers. Pixit Lott is an example. Fast cheap cash.

    • “Pixit”…much more appropriate. It’s crash and burn. Hopefully the artist that is being propped up gets a little bit of cash out of the deal.

  2. I think i’ve fallen for the Ke$haha song while being repelled by the artist. i despise it when that happens – i go to bed with the song in my head and full of self loathing :/

    Poor Teddy 😦

  3. That’s sad about Teddy. I love 70s/80s R’n’B and he produced some of the best. RIP.

    As for Ke$ha… I quite like what I’ve heard so far!

    • I know I am being stubborn with Ke$ha, but I just don’t feel like supporting someone who is that…out there. Just not my thing.

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