9 comments on “Watch the Ladies Jam

  1. Loving Toni’s work. That clip is brilliant. She is certainly giving it her all. I regret being snobby in vegas now a few years ago and not seeing her because she was at a less impressive hotel! Damn!

    • I have heard that she does put on a great show. i mean, she looks amazing, and she can definitely dance. Even though the clip is lip-synced, she still works it out.

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling Tania! She’s amazing! Livvi’s jam is insane. It’s 100 times better than anything on “Sour 7” with the exception of a certain “Wear My Kiss” remix.

    As for Toni… “Make My Heart” is a grower. I don’t think it screams hit but I’d love her to have one. It’s just nice to have her back.

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