5 comments on “Random Notes – 02-14-10

  1. While I agree it’s no “My Heart Will Go On,” I don’t dislike “I See You,” and I’m surprised Leona Lewis hasn’t hitched herself to the Avatar bandwagon and made the song into a hit. In the UK she’s got “I Got You” and in the US…nothing.

    I just noticed that both “We Are the World” and “Everybody Hurts” are available in both the US and the UK. Interesting. I wonder if both will be hits in both countries or if they will adhere to their home court advantages.

  2. I saw “Everybody Hurts” here on iTunes. Even though it was thrown together, I bought it. Both versions. This money better be going to the people of Haiti and not into someone’s pocket.

    • There’s no way 100% of this money can go to the charities. Even some of it has to go into the production and distribution.

  3. Popjustice had a good idea – instead of doing dodgy songs to raise money, why not get artists to donate half a day to businesses to help them with adverts or marketing campaign, and the business donates the fee to charity! That could raise loads! Brilliant. And no more disappointing covers (why must it always be a cover? Wasn’t Do They know It’s Christmas and We Are The Wuuurld both originals?!) End of rant 🙂

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