5 comments on ““Chasing” Exposure

  1. People give Amy Winehouse a lot of crap for being such a mess, but artists like Adele and Duffy (and whoever else decides to jump on the 60s retro white soul bandwagon) should be thanking her. In my stores I still play Dusty Springfield because she is the real deal and I’d love to be her son of a preacher man.

  2. OMG… Chasing Buttocks! LOL!!! I had not heard that until reading your post. Thanks for the huge laugh…I so needed that today!

    Oh, and I couldn’t agree with you more about Adele. Great stuff.

  3. I’m a bit bored of adele and duffy and gabrielle killme, but chasing buttocks is hilarious. I look forward to weird al going top ten with that very song.

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