11 comments on “Random Notes – 6/1/09

  1. Cool that you got Cookie tickets. I know you’ll enjoy that.

    As for my summer jam, “Bulletproof” is doing it for me right now. I’m sure I’ll be sick of it before too long, but I do likey much.

    • You know, I like “Bulletproof”, but it doesn’t have that “it” factor for me.

  2. Daniel Boys looks really cute. I’ll have to check him out. And an “I Know His So Well” duet with Barrowman? How cheeky.

  3. Pit Bull is one of the few hip hop artists I can tolerate. He has great beats and the lyrics aren’t always overly gangsta/machismo.

    Uhh!! Yuri.. I don’t get La Roux. My ears want to bleed when I hear the shrill falsetto of that girl’s voice!

    • Thanks, Will. I worry I’m out in left field on stuff like Pitbull. But trust me, he’s got the machismo thing at times. A friend told me that the Spanish lyrics aren’t quite as tame as the English ones. And I actually like the chorus on “Bulletproof”.

  4. ah lovely daniel boys. i was obsessed with that I Know Him So Well duet last year – just glorious. Daniel boys. Sigh. (orders album now!)

  5. I had never heard that Pitbull song until you mentioned it to me and now it’s all over Z100. It’s so darn catchy! And I’m with you with V Factory. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed…Sigh.

    • Mel, are you seeing ANYTHING to show that things might turn around with V Factory? At least it’s not just losing all of its airplay all at once.

  6. Here’s to hoping. They are holding pretty steady at #43 on Top 40/CHR radio. I heard it the other day when I was at a Forever 21 and freaked out. Haha. People must have thought I was a nutjob.

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