8 comments on “I Dreamt the Impossible

  1. I’ve yet to see him in concert and it makes me sad, so have fun at the show. I’ve met him in person due to sheer dumb luck — caught him and Archuleta walking out of MTV with posse last year just after the AI finale, and almost got to see him a few weeks ago when he was on Jimmy Fallon — tried for standby tix and just missed the cutoff. So angry. Anywho — one of my BFF’s is absolutely in love with him. Glad he’s sticking to himself. I def think he’s one of the most talented people to come out of AI. The most obviously being a tossup between Kelly, Carrie, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Lewis.

    • First Paul gets to see him up close and hardly knows who he is, then you get to meet him by accident. Could I be so lucky?

    • I’m not saying it’s a masterpiece, and if a gun was held to my head, I would choose the original. Just cool to see him doing some stuff you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

  2. Apparently he’s booked to do a show in my hometown, and I didn’t know it until after all the tickets sold out.

    I like it! His voice is a good match, tone-wise.

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