17 comments on “Isn’t It Post New Romantic?

  1. all great songs, all big british hits that still sound great today 🙂 what a pleasant stroll down memory lane (i did jog to the t’pau song though in anticipation of hearing it again. then went on a detour to play heart and soul). Ace

  2. Lovely Post, I loved everyone of those songs, I remember all of them in the charts, Call Me is gorgeous pop, their version of Do for love is great too, I love the original too,
    Heart & Soul by T’Pau is one of my all time favourite 80’s I had that on 12″.
    It shows you that so many songs stand the test of time,
    what’s great is that they are all original songs no samples, d

    • David, you bring up a good point, although with Climie Fisher, they got their breakthrough with a hip-hop remix of “Rise to the Occasion”. Does that disqualify them?

  3. My mum loved that Johnny Hates Jazz song and drove me crazy playing in the car every time she picked me up from school!

    “China In Your Hand” is divine but Australia was very similar to the US, where “Heart & Soul” was massive and the rest of the album died a miserable death. I blame her hair.

    • Mike, you seem to be doing everything in your power to make me feel old. Even though it’s because your mum had wonderful taste in music. And I never thought to blame Carol’s hair, but you might be right!

  4. LOL! I’m sorry. It’s just a relief to read a blog written by someone (ever so slightly) older than me. I was reading another blog (which shall remain nameless) talk about Aqua and the writer said something along the lines of “I remember this from when I was five”. Oh was like, oh damn!

  5. Johnny Hates Jazz was everywhere indeed. And I loved the Climie Fisher song. So much so that I bought the CD on the love of that single. Ah to be young, have $ and no bills…!

    • Honestly, I like the original version much better, but I guess it’s about giving the people what they want. Here’s the video:

  6. A deservedly high number of comments for this post! I love Go West, albeit admittedly on a greatest hits level since that’s all I know of them–it’s funny to see them written about here since I was just listening to that album on the drive after picking up my little sister from her college orientation.

    I LOVE “Shattered Dreams,” in both its original version and some more modern, oomphy productions.

    • Welcome back! Your presence has been missed around these parts. Glad you liked the post. Here’s a cover of “Shattered Dreams” I am hoping to hear on Friday:

    • Ha! “Waiting for a Star to Fall” is the epitome of “one-hit wonder”! Every time I hear the club version from a few years ago, I can’t help but grin.

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