4 comments on “Random Notes – 10-05-09

  1. I do like “3” but am scandalized after giving the lyric a closer listen!!

    Re: Alphabeat, should be exciting. Crossing fingers for them.

  2. and re: usher, agreed. underwhelmed, but that’s always the case with his songs. they wind up blowing up and before i know it, magically i can hum the whole chorus/hook word-for-word.

  3. The Spell is uber-catchy. Should do very well for them across the Pond. I’ve got no interest in hearing the latest dirges from Usher, thanks not so much.

    The Titney song is catchy but very uninspired. I’m not sure how many 3-ways she’s having these days, but whatev. What do I know?

  4. That law is strange. Does it include all those stupid digital mailouts that we all receive. I’m always amused when they arrive because I know exactly which blogs are gonna print which information.

    I don’t mind “The Spell” but it’s no “Fascination”.

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