8 comments on “I Dream of Christmas

  1. Yay to this post, and yay to the song!!
    It’s been all about George Michael here in Oz over the last week, announcing his first tour here in 20 years!!!
    Yes I was a child, when I saw him all those years ago but the excitement now is just as “Amazing”!!…oh to hear that live, i just know the tears will stream on my cheeks, down to my chin then drop tenderly into the atmosphere of the night, and all those tracks from Listen.., Older and Patience……I got my tickets to my home show in Sydney, but I also am going to the Perth gig, and why not its fucking George Michael and he is finally back in Australia!!!.. Sorry for rambling but I’m excited to the nth degree!:)

    • A1, thanks for the comment. I am really jealous of you going to the show, as he never made it here to Denver.

  2. Ah its quite nice isn’t it. Would have been nice if George had gone onto the x factor to sing it wouldn’t it?!

    PS – shayne has been twittering a lot today. some nice photos too 🙂

    • Um, “nice” is an understatement. Smokin’! And while GM on XF would have been v.n, I have a feeling he would have said no, even if they had asked.

  3. I love George and am going to his Sydney concert too – see you there, A1!

    This xmas track is very cute. Can’t wait for his new material.

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