11 comments on “Crash and Swag

  1. I think the ballad Crash is lovely, just lovely. But yes album material, or gently remixed fourth single with new track on the flip…

    • Agreement all around. Maybe a Christmas remix for a Christmas #1? Okay…WAY overreaching.

    • With your guidance and talents at his disposal, I’m sure his career will reach heights never before imagined. Have you thought about management?

  2. I’m excited to hear something new from Shayne. I’d love to see him succeed. Mostly because I think he’s really hot. And JM had a nude photo scandal? Missed that one.

    • Apparently a pic was being shopped by a jilted ex, and it appeared on a couple of forums for a short amount of time. I just recently found out about it myself.

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  4. when is shayne wards new album coming out i can’t wait to hear it i love him so much i want to see him and talk to him i love him so much i havn’t heard him sing in ages what have you been up to

    love leahxx

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