4 comments on “Shayne’s “Gotta Be”…

  1. I was hugely disappointed with the fact that it’s a cover, but I’m not aware of the Nickelback song and this is so different that I’m not really as bothered as I thought I would be. So hurrah! I quite like it!

  2. Situations like these are tough. As Shayne does it, it’s a nice song, and there’s a case to be made that that’s all that matters–whether or not the song stands on its own. Still, for me (and as you mention above), using a song that is so familiar (as well as so recent) robs Shayne’s single and comeback of some excitement.

    I guess the good news–temporarily ignoring the matter of commercial success that he’ll find with this release and in the coming time of year and focusing just on the matter of new music–is that the album release isn’t that much later than the single release, so we don’t have to wait forever to hear what will hopefully be wholly new material

    • I think it’s disappointing that it’s a remake. Yes it sounds fine, but it comes off as karaoke. And this was released in the UK–“Gotta Be Somebody” hit #20 two years ago.

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