16 comments on “Springing A Leak

  1. I think homeboy is overreacting. As a fan, you do what you can to support the artist, which includes purchasing singles/albums etc. However, because you listen to leaks, you are obviously NOT a fan! Lol. What a paradoxical dude you are…

  2. I’d download but just wouldn’t really write about it 😛 Probably because if it’s the RedOne track it’s not actually that good, so he’s probably allowed to be a little bit peeved. On the other hand, if he would just release an album it would all be a bit better for everyone…

  3. I’d totally download it, listen to it and talk about it. I wouldn’t put it on my site of course, nor would you. But it’s his own people’s fault it leaked!

    • I’m a bit stunned that since they had a leak a month ago that they allowed this to happen again. Hence the conspiracy theory.

  4. Given Shayne’s apparant inability to attract his own record label’s attention recently, I think he’d be pleased about any hype he can get for this album campaign. Ultimately, I see no harm in listening to the leak and commenting on it, especially if it’s unlikely that the record company would supply you said track for the purposes of reviewing it nearer the time. As xo says, it’s their fault that it’s leaked, but if some positive press comes from it, then that surely helps to mitigate the situation?

  5. I tried my best to not check out these leaks but ive been waiting over a year for new shayne material and all the hype got the better of me, although i am still going to buy any material he releases because he deserves his fans support and i dont want to be takinfg the liberty by listening to the tracks and not helping shayne with his comeback! feel so sorry 4 him

    • And I don’t think you should feel guilty if you follow through with purchasing the music. You’re not the one who put it out there.

  6. I honestly think it’s hilarious that so many artists get mad that people find/leak their music, and then TALK ABOUT THEM FOR FREE ON THE INTERNET AND BASICALLY PIMP THEIR SHIT. Um, yeah, free publicity is the WORST.

    • No argument, although that pimping doesn’t always translate, and it’s possible that could be because the fans already have the material prior to release.

      BTW…may be in Atlanta next weekend.

  7. Oh yes – my favourite topic. I am all for leaks because I can vouch at the end of the day I will buy the release if I like it. Shayne should be lecturing the people he is entrusting with his music versus the fans.

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