5 comments on “All the World’s a Video

  1. omg i love me some toni, but i’m just not feeling the new direction anymore. i’m not saying do an album of babyface replicas again, but all i’m saying her signature sound is sultry ballads. the new tracks sound like they could belong to anyone.

  2. Agreed. Girl should not have messed with a winner. But she probably insisted on being on stage with him anyways. Can’t make the wife unhappy now…!

  3. I love B’s take on “Forever Young”. I think it’s beautiful. It’s slightly concerning that you praise Robyn miming an incredibly generic and derivative song over someone doing an impromptu live sing along at a festival in front of tens of thousands of people. Ok, rant over!

    And don’t even get me started on Toni!

    • I like B’s version, but it doesn’t fit in with the crowd. Coachello would want to pay tribute to the original, and her version doesn’t lend itself to a singalong. That’s all I was trying to say. And btw, you praise miming divas all the time.

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