6 comments on “Support Your Local Record Shop

  1. Yay for the nostalgic post! You and music have an intimate past together. I always wanted to work in a record store, but Blockbuster Video was the closest I came to that. I spent a lot of time in Turtle’s Records and Tapes back in the day. Half my paycheck was spent there!

    It’s a crying shame that there are no indie record shops within 50 miles of where I live. Sure, we have FYE and Wallie World but that ain’t the same. It makes me very sad to know there is not a place where I can go and flip through the back catalogues of artists from back in the day. Digital is great and all that, but it’s just not the same.

  2. John, what a wonderful essay about record stores! There are sadly so few now. Other than Best Buy and bookstores like Borders, the only record store I know of in DC is Melody Records in Dupont Circle. Your post brought up lots of memories for me. My favorite record store as a kid was Tower Records and there was one near my house in the Beaverton Mall. The first time I ever bought CDs–after getting a CD player for my birthday in 1993–was the only time I ever bought them in longboxes. I guess that was the year they went away. I saved the one for Annie Lennox’s Diva, cut it open, and hung it on the wall. I do remember Blockbuster Music in the mid ’90s. I remember it was innovative for having lots of options for listening to music in the store, which other stores replicated later. I used to have a birthday ritual of treating myself to a shopping spree in a music store. The last time I did it was in 2002 at Tower Records near GW in DC. As much as I love iTunes, the experience is quite different, and I do miss the joy of the record store experience.

  3. Ooops I missed this post the other day – loved this! I did not know you were in all those places! Where did you work/live in ATL? That’s where I grew up (Marietta).

    I still shop as much as I can at the store ww_adh mentions, Melody. You’d love that store. V good.

    GA also had Turtle’s which Jason mentioned. That was the place for good prices back in the day. I think they also had a good cutout bin, where I got stuff like Tusk for CHEAP.

  4. Thank you for the great article. I am heavily concidering opening an independent record store, any suggestions?

  5. I have a large, indie store in the southeast. If you know of a really good, experienced manager that might be willing to re-locate to a great market, please have them send a resume.

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