5 comments on “Shayne Drives It Home

  1. What?! That actually sounds like…progress! Be still my heart–might we actually hear something official from this project in the next few months?

    I hope “Misery” gets the chart success it sounds like it deserves. I want to drive around listening to it all summer, preferably via the radio.

    • I think “Misery” will be big. It’s off to a nice start at radio. I like the song, although it sounds an awful lot like “This Love.”

  2. i look at that pic of shayne and his “friend” holding their poles and my mind goes to tumblr places. “no woods in this bay” – ok well now we know that too.

    luv him.

  3. Hey John, good to see you’re still keeping us up to date on all things Shayne. His music doesn’t really float my boat but I could happily watch his videos on silent! X

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