3 comments on “David Cook Hates H8

  1. I didn’t realize he had a design degree!

    Good for him–that takes him further than many an Idol contestant of the past. The whole comparison with looking back at, say, the women’s rights movement is one I’ve used myself, in pretty similar words, too, so even though it’s hardly an original or unique comparison, hearing it come out of his mouth really made me sit up and take notice.

  2. See, I knew that you were a Cookie Monster!

    Cook’s a good guy, and I’m glad he’s not afraid to let his opinions be known. Good for him.

  3. PG, yeah, definitely a well thought-out response. I was truly impressed, not only by the thought process, but by the fact that he’s willing to step out there and speak up.

    Yuri, that’s what I’ve been saying all along. You can feign sensitivity, but that one clip speaks volumes.

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