3 comments on “The Direction of Pop Music

  1. loving your work my man. Keep on trucking! Heck if i can trot out posts on debbie gibson, i surely will be sticking around for posts about luscious shayney ward. RAR!

  2. I have found that the you are correct – the best direction to have with a blog is to have no direction at all. I am not fond of “features” on my blog or anything else that ties me into a “oh shit it’s Wednesday and I have to post that post” type thing. What usually happens to me is that’s when life blows up and I can’t possibly squeeze the post in.

    I have a lot of fun blogging, even though I know that not many people read it. I started it just for me (and for friends and family to keep track of me) and it carries on in that vein. I post about what I want to talk about when I want to talk about it. If people find it interesting, great. If not, it doesn’t bother me any.

    I do not consider myself a music blogger although I do blog about music. What I try to do is take the music and tell the story of it as it relates to me. Really, there are enough blogs out there that do album reviews and single reviews so much better than me. Approaching music from my life’s perspective is the only way I can do it.

    Keep up the good work – I’m sure to continue to enjoy your writing for some time to come.

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