7 comments on “Find Yourself a Gimmick

  1. I agree, I don’t see what the big deal is with these goofy “scandalous” singles. I personally find much more of the rap records out today offensive than some goofy tongue-in-cheek joke written by Max Martin.

    And really — they are making this seem as if it’s the most scandalous thing Brit’s ever done. Were they sleeping during 2007?

  2. Yeah, this is pretty tame on the Britney-o-meter. And radio will never play it, especially after all the hype. Perhaps an edited version, but then there goes the “joke”.

  3. Plus it’s not even a particularly amazing song. There is at least one other tune on the overrated Circus album that would make a better single for crying out loud!

  4. I agree with Paul. I don’t really care for the song and I think there are better ones on Circus. Radio won’t play this, so why even try?

  5. Mel, great reference on the rap music. What’s it say, though, when Britney’s music is more controversial than T.I.’s?

    Yuri, *yawwwwwn*. I’m with ya

    Paul, agreed, if not three.

    ww_adh, with your airplay knowledge, I’m sure you’d agree announcing this as a single while two other songs are in the Top 10 is merely a publicity stunt. It’s just not gonna happen.

  6. hmm. interesting observations.
    i for one, think the single stands a great shot. britney is very much a publicity and video-dependent artist. we’ll have to wait for the video. although i like circus a lot, i do feel she is trying a little too hard with it all to be something she’s not – tame. hopefully we see more of her personality shine with this next single.

  7. Will-W, I always love your enthusiasm for folks you really enjoy. This set-up just seems a bit too contrived for it to actually go off as they’re saying it will. I do like an edgy Britney, but only when there’s a little bit of integrity behind the vision.

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