6 comments on “Abysmal Idol

  1. I hear ya! It’s a snoozefest this season. I can’t recall anyone’s names this week. And the dad/kids thing was very staged, it seemed. Hollywood week bettah be bettah!

  2. Yuri, no kidding. I have a feeling Hollywood week will be killer, but these auditions may chase the viewers off in the process.

    Paul, that’s an EXCELLENT idea. The only thing that keeps me from following your lead is the chance that someone really starts to shine, and Hollywood week is a good time for that.

    coffee, she definitely has some talent going on. You can see here in action on YouTube.

    ww_adh, I like Kara. She’s going to need a little time to find her voice, but I think she’s shaking things up a bit.

    dan, I didn’t know that, but I can completely see that.

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